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...is a functional and whimsical collection of NATURAL LOOFAH SCRUBBERS.

Loofah: A Fun Fruit With A Mission ®

Anita Liwette, Loofah-Art

Eleven years ago I got the idea to take loofah out of the bath and put it into the kitchen! At that time there were no genuine, all natural, earth friendly and biodegradable scrubbers on the market. Having been very involved in the Housewares and Gift industries for several years creating a kitchen scrubber made sense but they must be fun and whimsical yet practical and totally nonscratch: LoofahArt was born. At that time, and even now, so many people were opposed to products being manufactured outside of the U.S. I must admit I was one of them until it dawned on me, what better way to bring all people together than to help one another succeed? Since we cant grow Loofah in the U.S. to the scale of an agricultural vegetable crop, this all made sense and came together! I began to work with impoverished farmers in a developing country who desperately needed help in selling their organic loofah. We had a list of requirements when we created this company, to assure fairness to all that were involved in the supply chain. The following list is a highlight of our experiences 1. We had to choose a country where loofah is possible as an agricultural crop. 2. Partners must be people of like minds and spirits to better our world by bringing a possibility of farming, learning to fabricate our products, packing and shipping, etc. These community leaders must work to bring local people out of the slums, etc. and provide them with gainful employment. Children are to be educated and kept in school and out of the elds and factories. 3. We predominately work with India at this time because we have a very close personal relationship with our factory there who shares our philosophy. We all work very closely together to continually expand our business and service to the communities! They have reached out on a tremendous level to help source local farmers and train more fabricators, shippers, etc. The quality of their work is amazing!! 4. In India we have successfully gained the respect and loyalty of our farmers and their communities. We pay cash ahead of time for their crops so they are not stuck at harvest with no place to sell the loofah. Since they live and work on a cash basis, our business has given them a sense of security and sustainability for a better life! 5. We have worked with other regions of the world but it is imperative that they share our same desire to expand the mission and increase aide to the poor by training, educating, etc. We will not partner with those who do not!! Consequently, we have discontinued working with some countries and factories because they did not follow through on their commitment to the people, farmers and workers! 6. In the meantime, LoofahArt and our partners continue to practice all aspects of fair trade to bring hope and possibility for thousands!! We all continue to benet even when products are fabricated elsewhere as long as we follow the guidelines of fair trade practices.